Introduction to a new type of foodie site

Welcome to Bama Lawdog Foodie,

Just as a bit of an introduction I was legally blind for the 1st 48 years of my life and depended on the other 4 senses to make up for the one large one I was missing.

As such I have keen sense of smell & taste etc that gives me a unique perspective on how food is.

In spring of 2015 I had eye surgery and gained sight I had never had before.
It was like an epiphany. Colors and contrasts I had never even thought possible. But surprisingly even taste and smell diid not get any abatement.

I began looking at food in a different way. Not just as good stuff to put in my mouth but rather a symphony of color, texture, smell & taste combined.

The reviews I place here will be as a result of that epiphany and all that came afterwards.

I will endeavor in the reviews to give the reader as much of the experience as I had with pictures when feasible.

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